About me

Hi dear visitor. If you don't already know me, let me introduce myself. πŸ‘‡

I'm a first and foremost an IT passionate with a strong curiosity for new software technology, but also deeply concerned about privacy and security. I love to discover and learn new things that can expand my knowledge and skills. I dedicate a good part of my time looking for new innovative solutions for personal as well as professional use. I'm also very interested in digital minimalism and try to reduce my software overhead whenever possible. 🌱

During my graduate studies in computer science, I've specialized in software engineering and cybersecurity. Since then, I've been freelancing. I've had the opportunity to work as a developer but also as a cybersecurity consultant for companies, while developing cool privacy-focused open-source projects on my spare time.

Now endowed with a solid technical background, I offer independent software engineering services and privacy consultations. Feel free to contact me!

Some facts about me:

My open-source projects:

The most famous of my projects is DroidFS, a cool app which allow to open gocryptfs and CryFS encrypted vaults on Android without root access. It can open pictures, audios, videos, PDF documents, and comes with biometric unlocking. DroidFS is also the only open-source app featuring a 100% on-the-fly symmetrically encrypted camera, allowing to take photos and videos without ever leaving a plaintext trace on disk.

It's not available on Google Play Store, but you can install it from F-Droid, a fully FLOSS android app repository.

Tor browser logo

I also develop TorVirt, a simple script that help routing the whole traffic of Libvirt virtual machines through the Tor network using a container, hence providing enhanced online anonymity and security πŸ‘€.

Some time ago, I created doby, a blazing fast lightweight symmetric file encryption tool leveraging modern cryptography. It's currently inactive but I plan to resume development, by improving it and possibly adding new features. Stay tuned!

You can find all my public projects on my GitHub profileGitHub logo.

πŸ–₯️ My setup:

Here are some details about the software I use:

πŸ” My disk is encrypted using LUKS2. Secure Boot is setup with a Unified Kernel Image signed with my own keys.

And as for my smartphone:

This website is built in Rust using actix. It's currently hosted sandboxed at home 🏠 on small single board computer running Alpine Linux.