Consulting services

With a lifelong passion for cybersecurity, I've learned a lot along the way. Today, I'm offering to pass this knowledge on to you, whether you're an individual seeking to regain a certain level of privacy and security, or a company looking to protect its infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

These are not guides or online training courses, but genuine interactive consulting services. You describe your needs, constraints and preferences, and I give you solutions tailored to your situation.

Personal privacy & security πŸ•΅οΈ

Would you like to put an end to the constant collection of your personal data by GAFAMs and regain your right to privacy? Do you want to step up the security of your electronic devices ? I can guide you in this complex journey.


Your data are constantly retrieved in many different ways πŸ™. I help you to stop that by acting at all levels βœ…:


Online services




Web browsing




Operating systems



No more data harvesting without your consent. Turn your digital space into a safe place πŸŒ±.


Security hardening is essential to ensure privacy. Your data need to be carefully controlled πŸ“‚, your communications have to be encrypted πŸ”’, your devices must be near-impossible to hack πŸ›‘️.

I will help you to reach this goal by implementing various security measures:


The use of FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open-Source Software) is mandatory in personal privacy and security. How could you trust a software for such critical missions if you can't even read their source code πŸ”?

Every software I recommend are FLOSS, and consequently, free πŸ’Έ. Anybody can read their source code and build their own local copy of it πŸ—️. They are developed and reviewed by the community, and used by thousand of people worldwide. They are the most trustworthy software for privacy & security conscious individuals βœ….

What you are going to achieve:

In concrete terms, here's a sample of what you could change (depending of course on your current status):

Enterprise security πŸ›‘️

Are you afraid about data leaks & ransomware attacks? Would you like to protect your IT infrastructure against various cybercriminal attacks? I could help you to deploy advanced security measures to protect your internal systems as well as your production infrastructure πŸ‘.

Security solutions:



Granular isolation of all components of your infrastructure is the key to mitigate cyberattacks.


Least privilege

Reduce the action field of every actors help to prevent vulnerabilities exploitations and pivoting.



Hardened authentication is the first barrier preventing criminals to compromise your systems.



Sane & careful administration procedures is crucial to maintain security over the long term.

Advanced protection against:

Do it yourself?

You don't want to give me access to your infrastructure? πŸ‘€ No problem, I can also give you detailed instructions πŸ§Ύ and quality support β˜ŽοΈ so that you can deploy security measures yourself.